Financial Risk Management

Financial Risk Management

We can assist with the development or enhancement of an organisation’s approach to risk management. BDO Consultant’s are focused on producing value from an organization’s investment in risk management.

We assist clients by analyzing their existing infrastructure to identify areas in which incorporating risk management functions can benefit our clients’ business.

How BDO can assist you?

We understand the importance of working with you to make practical recommendations that reduce risks to a level that is appropriate for you and your business. Our knowledge and experience will help you balance the importance of mitigating risk with the cost of implementing and maintaining appropriate measures. To achieve this, we provide:


  • Credit Risk Measurement and Management
  • Operational Risk Measurement and Management
  • Market and Liquidity Risk
  • Capital Adequacy & Regulatory Services
  • Financial Instruments Accounting
  • Basel II and Basel III
  • Quantitative Evaluation and Management of Portfolio Risks
  • Financial Engineering
  • Risk Management in Transactions
  • Asset Management Advisory
  • Anti- Money Laundering

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