Indirect Tax

Indirect Tax

Tax – VAT, Excise Tax & Customs Duties 

Our team of local indirect taxation specialists unique in that we have decades of indirect taxation experience in government, industry and practice and we have a team with a wealth of commercial awareness. Our professionals are drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds with Industry service line specialization, international exposure and advanced training equips them to work with our clients and be their trusted advisors in a wide spectrum of their business processes.

While we design our services to provide VAT/Excise tax/ Customs consultancy advice and compliance support, we always consider the commercial impact of our VAT/Excise tax/Customs advice. We strive to partner with your business to build a mutually long term relationship with you which is very important to us.

How BDO can help you

With the imminent introduction of VAT to Oman, we will provide support and expert guidance at all levels of the VAT process, from conducting an impact assessment to determine how your business may be commercially affected by VAT, through to adequately manage the VAT accounting process. In this new environment of VAT there are likely to be compliance challenges followed by significant penalties and we are able to use our wealth of VAT expertise to provide staff training, and effective VAT planning to help you overcome these challenges.  Our VAT experts will manage your compliance obligations and work to ensure your compliance risk profile is at an acceptable level.

Our approach to VAT support and planning is global. We, together with our BDO member firms can provide a wealth of quality VAT advice to any Omani business that has a global presence or any multi-national with a Oman presence. 

Our Clients will benefit the following Indirect tax services:

  • VAT impact assessment and implementation assistance
  • VAT/Excise tax/ Customs registration and grouping
  • VAT/Excise Tax/ Customs Consultancy & Advisory Services
  • VAT/Excise tax/ Customs compliance – control checks and enhancement to completing monthly / quarterly VAT/Excise tax/ Customs returns
  • VAT/Excise tax/ Customs training and workshops
  • VAT/Excise tax/ Customs planning
  • VAT/Excise tax/ Customs Health-checks
  • Supply chain analysis - Each time goods cross a border, they are potentially subject to a host of indirect taxes and indirect tax compliance obligations
  • Assistance with VAT investigation and audits
  • Assistance in VAT/Excise tax refund claiming
  • Representing the client before the tax departments