Auto & Ancillaries

Auto & Ancillaries

The automotive and ancillaries industry faces challenges on a daily basis. Companies falling within this sector need to strike the competition, be innovative, improve the way they operate and satisfy their customers while reducing their financial risks.

BDO’s Automotive specialists provide a wide range of financial and consulting services to the automotive sector throughout the region. When it comes to choosing your advisers, BDO knows that both experience and accessibility is important.

How Can We Help?

Working with BDO’s automotive specialists gives you direct access to experienced local automotive advisers who bring the benefits of a local team, which adds to the depth of knowledge and contacts. 

At BDO, we can help you by providing you audit services, restructuring your business, addressing the impact of regulatory standards and economical aspects on your business, finding growth opportunities, and helping you get ahead of your competitors. We have successfully assisted clients in the following industry sub-sectors:

  • Distributors
  • Car Rentals
  • Auto Garage

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